Starbury to Play for Chow Mein and Chickens Feet

tommy neumann January 20, 2010 0


Stephon Marbury, the once self-described “best point guard in the NBA”, has decided to leave the country and lace up his $15 dollar sneakers for a pro basketball team in China. Shanxi announced it was bringing in the disgruntled former Knick on Monday, reportedly for the miniscule salary of $ 25,000 dollars a month — quite a big cut from the $20m he made in his final year with the NBA.

Does Starbury know what he’s getting into with living in China? As much as I like General Tso’s chicken, there’s a real difference between Chinese-American food and the authentic Chinese version. It’s not like you can just order take out everynight and expect the Chinese delivery guy to be at your doorstep in 15 minutes like you can in NYC. Then again, I bet the chicken’s feet taste better there.

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