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Justin January 13, 2010 1

This situation at NBC is a complete mess, but it may seem familiar. Especially if you’re a fan of the NFL.

SportsCracklePop is proud to present the list of  Late Night Talk Show Hosts as NFL Quarterbacks:

Jay Leno is Brett Favre and Conan O’Brien is Aaron Rodgers
:  Leno was an old pro at NBC who, despite keeping up a consistent level of performance, agreed to a plan which called for him to eventually make way for Conan O’Brien as his successor. Favre was a hall of famer in Green Bay, who despite years of success, agreed to a plan which would eventually lead to Aaron Rodgers taking over as QB. As part of the succession plan, Leno   helped cultivate Conan’s career, welcoming him from time to time, inviting him onto the Tonight Show to promote his own career. But, despite these outward indications that the two got along, there were always rumors that there was tension. Favre took Rodgers under his wing, challenging him in practice and serving as a mentor to his career. But the two were certainly never considered close.  Once it came time for Leno to move on as host of the Tonight Show, as contractually obligated, he started making noise that maybe he didn’t want to go. This, in turn, made things very uncomfortable for Conan O’Brien, who was excited about taking over, but certainly didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes or anger Leno’s audience in anyway.  Brett Favre decided to step away, and Aaron Rodgers was given the job.  But then Favre had second thoughts, putting Rodgers in the impossible position of trying to prepare for his first season as a starter, while knowing he couldn’t anger a generation of cheeseheads who had deified Favre by showing any disrespect to ol’ Number 4. Letterman is Kurt Warner: David Letterman was long ago rejected by his bosses in favor of Jay Leno.  Many years ago, Warner was cut by the Packers, who already had Favre as their starting QB. (It’s true. Look it up if you don’t believe me.) Since being forced out at NBC, Letterman has had great success, though, for the most part, he never surpassed Leno in terms of ratings or popularity. Warner has obviously enjoyed a borderline hall of fame career, though he has not approached Favre’s level of statistical success nor his longevity.  Letterman did, however, reclaim the lead in the ratings once Conan O’Brien took over the Tonight Show. And Warner just beat Rodgers in the playoffs. (I suppose in this case Carlos Dansby is Paul Shaefer)

Jimmy Fallon is Matt Flynn: Fallon’s just happy to have a job at this point, and though he may be affected by all the movement on NBC latenight, he’s taking it with a grain of salt. Fallon points out that a huge chunk of his audience watches on DVR or online, so a timeslot doesn’t really matter. Flynn backs up Aaron Rodgers. He just sat back and watched the Rodgers and Favre drama play out last year, but he was a rookie at the time and was just happy to have a roster spot.

Carson Daly is Charlie Frye: Carson Daly still has a show? it’s the same reaction you probably had when JaMarcus Russell was benched in Oakland. Charlie Frye is still in the NFL? Jimmy Kimmel is Drew Brees: Kimmel is incredibly funny and talented in his own right, though the combination of his later time slot and later entry onto the late night scene means he’ll never be quite as famous as either Leno or Letterman, though he is a pretty good match for Conan. Drew Brees has put up ridiculous numbers the past few years, but he is not yet considered on the same plane as Favre or Warner. He and Rodgers put up similar stats though.

George Lopez is Mark Sanchez: They are both new. And Mexican.

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  1. jonboy January 14, 2010 at 12:31 pm -

    What? You forgot the best late night talk show host of them all:

    Craig Ferguson.

    To which I’d line him up with Matt Schaub.
    Damned good, but no-one seems to notice.

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