The Crackle Wonders: Bill Hemmer

Justin January 8, 2010 0

The NFL playoffs kick off tomorrow in Cincinnati, when the Bengals host the Jets.  Every other website in America has a preview and a prediction from well paid experts and former players.

But, at SportsCracklePop, we look elsewhere. For instance, a 24 hour cable news network.

Bill Hemmer is the afternoon anchor on Fox News Channel. Before that, he held a similar position at CNN. But before any of that, he was a Bengals fan. And let’s be honest. There aren’t a whole lot of those out there.


So, what’s Bill Hemmer think about the 2009 Bengals? Let’s find out

Let’s start at the beginning.  When did you start following the Bengals? I am a Bengals fan through and through, from day one. Let’s put it this way, I bleed orange and black.

Who are your all time favorites? It’s tough for me to pick a favorite player, there have been so many greats. I can say though that Forrest Greg is my favorite coach.

Do you have a shrine to Sam Wyche in your house? I do not no. But I believe Sam has one in his.

When is the last time you did the Ickey Shuffle? Believe it or not, this morning. Our floor crew at FOX was giving me a hard time about Ickey and I performed the Ickey Shuffle on set during a commercial break.

Did you expect playoffs before this season? We were due to make it to the playoffs this season. My 19-year-old nephew has only seen 2 winning seasons in his life… I think he –and all Bengals fans – are due this year.

Were you at all concerned watching the team on HBO during training camp? Andre Smith looked super fat and completely unmotivated. Actually, I was encouraged by what was on the program “Hard Knocks.” It showed me that the team knows what they are doing  and they care about winning and competing.

The media reaction to Ochocinco seems to be split on an almost generational level. Old school traditionalists hate his act, while younger “new media” types seem to get a kick out of him. Where do you fall on the spectrum? I think he is a great self-promoter. All I care about is that he comes ready for game day and leaves the twittering to his downtime.

How did you navigate from weekend sports anchor covering the Bengals in Ohio to news anchor at CNN and now FOX News?  I wanted to get into news because I have a deep interest in what’s going on in our world. I like that I am in a position where I can learn something new every day and bring that to millions of people all over the country.

Do you ever wish you could go back to sports? Only to be the play by play announcer for the Cincinnati Bengals!

You put together this list for Maxim, running down the most shameful moments of this past NFL season.  Would you care to detail your choices for us a bit? Of all the moments I think were pretty “shameful” this season, I would definitely say the tip pass against the Denver Broncos in the opening game this year where the Bengals lost it in the last 15 seconds… that hurts Bengals nation!

Now we put you on the spot. Who wins Saturday and what’s the final score? I will say that I expect to see a good, well-played game. I don’t think it will be high scoring and the weather conditions will definitely have an effect. But as for who’s going to win… I am hoping the Bengals, but we will find out soon enough.

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