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Justin January 6, 2010 0

It’s been an awfully long time since we’ve done one of these (more than a year in fact). As always, we credit the folks over at McSweeney’s for inventing the concept, and doing a much better job of it.
High level amateur hockey

It may be nothing more than a matter of physics. Amateurs are smaller than pros, so there is simply more room on the ice to maneuver. Either way, it’s like watching a different version of a familiar game.

Did you see the World Junior Championship tournament on NHL Network? It was good hockey, and ended with a classic US-Canada match up in the finals. The US won 6-5 in OT, but not before blowing a 2 goal lead late in the 3rd period.  College hockey is also fun (but you already know I’m a fan of that.) BU and BC play Friday night at Fenway Park. It’s also being shown on NHL network. I suggest you watch.

Brandon Jennings hairbrandon-jennings-hair.jpgDon’t bump the table! So far, this kid is doing everything right. He may have faded a bit since posting that 55 point game, and he may even lose out on the Rookie of the Year award to Tyreke Evans, but he’s certainly laying the groundwork for a successful career. It started when he bought a sensible car and moved to a condo near the arena in Milwaukee. All with the intention of avoiding trouble and being able to work on his game. The haircut is important too, because it shows he doesn’t  take himself too seriously. Jennings and Bogut may prove to the be the leaders of an above average team in Milwaukee. Not a Championship outfit, necessarily, but certainly a fun team to watch in the playoffs.

Shatner’s Raw Nerve

It turns out all that earnestness is real. William Shatner’s talk show on BIO TV is awesome. He sits with his face right up in his guest’s face and asks really personal questions. And the guests are all these C and D level celebs.  The episode with Weird Al Yankovic included an extended discussion of how Weird Al’s parents died, and included both host and guest choking up. The one with Gene Simmons involved a discussion of the KISS singer’s childhood move from Israel to New York City. Again, more tears. What neither interview touched on was.. MUSIC. Give it a watch.

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