An Open Letter To Sports Illustrated

Justin January 5, 2010 0

Lebron James, Basketball, Cleveland CavaliersDear Sports Illustrated,

Let me start with the positives. Your magazine is top notch. It consistently has great reporting and exceptional writing.  People like Gary Smith and Joe Posnanski are among the most talented individuals in all of journalism, not just sports. Sports Illustrated is a key component in my trips to the gym and my trips to the bathroom.

That being said, I do not need help finding other reading material. I am speaking specifically about the little postcard messages I recieve in the mail about your upcoming book releases. I commend you for publishing these collections, which include “The Football Book,” “The Basketball Book,” etc. It seems like a good way to use old material while opening up new revenue streams.  But, please allow me to decide if I want to buy it.

Those little postcards are a pain in my ass. If they simply alerted me to the existence of your books, I would be able to take a cursory glance, then toss it in the trash (or recycling bin-get off my back, hippies.) But the postcards are not simple alerts of a new release. They are a warning. THIS BOOK IS COMING AND YOU WILL PAY FOR IT. If you don’t want it, please send back the postcard within three weeks, or else.

Oh, and by the way, put a stamp on it. That’s right, Sports Illustrated, you not only force me to take an unscheduled trip to the mailbox, but you don’t even have the courtesy to pay the postage. That’s downright rude.  Yes, I know a stamp is like 40 cents. That’s not the point. Why are you making my life more difficult? I’m your customer. Shouldn’t you be trying to free up as much time as possible for me, so I have time to read a collection of dated columns by Peter King, now conveniently collected in book form? I think so.


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