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Is the worst NBA team bad enough to lose to a top NCAA one

King Ing January 29, 2010 1

That is a question I have always asked myself. What would the spread be like? Wonder no more as answers the question for us. “Here’s an interesting matchup: New Jersey Nets vs. Kentucky

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The Nike Air Max 95 in New Era hat form

King Ing January 28, 2010 0

My favorite sneaker of all time is the Nike Air Max 95. That grey/neon mix was unstoppable in the streets. And now thanks to MAJOR, we can seriously match head to toe

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Now this is a basketball league I can get behind

King Ing January 28, 2010 1

Forget the all white basketball league, everyone should get behind this dwarf basketball team. The NY Towers show us all that “It’s not about your size, it’s about your heart. You can do anything

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And the All Star Spot Goes To…

Justin January 27, 2010 1

The NBA announces the All Star reserves tomorrow night.  Just like last year, SportsCracklePop beats the Association by a day. Here are our picks for All Star Reserves

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Lose the AFC Championship game, get free lap dances

King Ing January 27, 2010 4

To the loser go the spoils. At least that is what is happening with the New York Jets after their loss on Sunday to the Indianapolis Colts. Eaterwire tells us: “The girls of Rick’s

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Chad Ochocinco performs his single “Dat Ain’t My Baby”

King Ing January 26, 2010 1

It seems that Chad Ochocinco is branching out and trying his hand as a rapper and air guitarist. He performed his single “Dat Ain’t My Baby” off his debut album “Child Please” (obv a

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Lamar Odom Made This Happen

Justin January 26, 2010 2

The Lakers met the President at the White House yesterday.  And so did their wives and girlfriends. That leads us to this photo, showing the most powerful man in the world shaking hands with

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That is too much Greg Oden for me

King Ing January 26, 2010 2

Give me more pictures of Greg Oden in funny t-shirts. Do not give me more Greg Oden naked in front of a mirror. -NSFW, unless you work at Vivid Video. World Star Hip Hop

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Fuck Gloria Steinem. This is the New Face of Feminism

Justin January 25, 2010 0

Ladies,  Kelly Kulick is the reason your mothers and grandmothers burned their bras

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Road Trip (and Fall)

Justin January 24, 2010 0

SportsCracklePop sent an agent in behind enemy lines. Beltway Buddy is a Jets fan who was in Indy for the AFC Championship game. Below are his images and videos from the Stadium, along with

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