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Long Island Has No Pride

Justin December 3, 2009 0

Hofstra University has announced it’s dropping football, due to budget concerns. Despite playing in a mid-major conference, the school has developed its fair share of pro players

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The Reason Voicemail Was Invented

Justin December 3, 2009 0

Last night, Larry King hosted a panel discussion of the Tiger Woods situation. One of his guests was Pat O’Brien. Well, that’s all the cover I need to bring back the greatest recording in

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Reunited and It Feels So… Well, We’ll See

Justin December 2, 2009 1

The answer is back in Philadelphia, 3 and a half years after leaving under very acrimonious circumstances.   Will the experiment be a success? Only time will tell. But we can check history to see

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Tiger Woods: The Modern Day Wilt Chamberlain

California Correspondent December 2, 2009 0

Ever since sitting in my college dorm room and watching Tiger Woods win the 1997 Masters, I always felt he had the most polished and manicured image. He came off as a nerdy Stanford

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Where do I sign up for the Tim Tebow School of Life

King Ing December 2, 2009 0

If Tim Tebow’s NFL career is a dud, the guys at Wondershot have come up with a backup plan for him. The “can’t do anything wrong QB” can open a school and teach everyone

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Jared From Subway Does a Bad Dallas Clark Impression

California Correspondent December 1, 2009 4

And he’s packing on the Larry Birds like Jessica Simpson

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Sizemore’s Achilles Heel: Brittany Binger

tommy neumann December 1, 2009 0

99 problems and a bitch is one. Ever since Grady Sizemore started dating Playboy playmate Brittany Binger, his life has turned upside down. Last December, the Cleveland Indian began dating Miss June 2007 and

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Dwight Howard is practicing for his rematch with Lebron

King Ing December 1, 2009 2

As most of you probably know, Lebron James loves to practice his trick shots during pregame warmups. Sometimes he even finds the time to have a little friendly competition with the likes of Dwight

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Caption This

King Ing December 1, 2009 1

Hulk Hogan has Ric Flair right where he wants him. Bloody and bent over. Oh Yeah Brother!

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