John Kerry Protects Our Right to Watch Football on Fox

California Correspondent December 30, 2009 0

kerry-fox-robotWith the year 2010 just two days away, Americans with Time Warner Cable risk being unable to watch New Years Day football games on Fox. Basically Fox is trying to extract more $$ out of Time Warner Cable, and if they don’t pay, Fox will stop broadcasting to Time Warner customers.

Who will protect us Americans that just want to sit on our ass to watch football on Friday? None other than John Kerry, possibly the greatest American windsurfer/politician ever.

Senator Kerry wrote a letter to both companies on December 22nd requesting that they strike a deal so we can watch football on January 1st. And surprisingly, it appears to have worked, with Time Warner agreeing to head into arbitration in the last 48 hours of the year. Now that’s a real American hero.

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