This Year Was A Good Year

California Correspondent December 28, 2009 0


We had a lot of fun, drank a lot of beers, and thank you for reading SportsCracklePop religiously periodically throughout the year. Here is a list of our our seminal moments and highlights of 2009.

1We started 2009 with a string of of athletes drinking & driving (I’ll bet it happens again) — we were still disgusted by the stories of Arod and Madonna’s sex life (no wonder TMZ got interested in sports) and we were shocked with Arod’s admission of using PEDS in February (and Papi’s unadmission of PEDs through his on-field performance). Oh yeah, and  Mannywood got busted too.

2 It was a big year for Tiger. From Thanksgiving to today he’s been in the public spotlight. Not only did we all learn that he’s a super cool dude been cheating on his wife, but we also got our hands on his yearbook photo. She kinda reminds me of the Wayans Brothers in White Chicks, right?


3 Tiger can easily make us forget about other stuff, like Arod getting aggressive with Jeter’s ass and his post-season fling with Kate Hudson. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Arod’s heroic homers in the post-season and the departing Matsui’s World Series MVP. I would also like to take credit for foreshadowing Arod and Kate’s break-up.


4 Some blogs had a great year. Well done gents!

Deadspin, SportsbyBrooks, Bustedcoverage Traffic Growth

But they have shit to keep an eye on the competition next year (FU TMZSports).

5 Our favorite sports networks and aggregators also did well


…but I think we got paid less in ’09. Or maybe it’s just because I quit my job and lost my real source of income that my wallet’s empty.

6 Michael Vick paid his dues (at least according to Roder Goodell). We also sadly predicted Vick’s return a couple of months in advance of the news.


7 King Ing finally got his hair cut. He started with an Asian Zack Effron style, but then went back to the traditional Asian spike for a wedding this winter (see below). King Ing bids farewell to the Ninja Assassin haircut in 2009. What hairstyle does 2010 hold in store for King Ing?


8 Justin kept us up to date with politics and American history (28 comments). He also brought many of the first interviews to SportsCracklePop, including these with Seth Davis, Buzz Bissinger, and Michael Connelly. Justin was also happy to get a new President that can shoot hoops.


9 Our buddy Koala was shipped off to Chile. Adiós amigo!


10 But let’s not forget the real playboy of 2009


We also want to give a shout out to our contributors in ’09, including DeGags, Tommy and anyone else that I forgot.

Thanks again for reading and happy new year !

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