Darko will F your mother, but from Europe, not the US

California Correspondent December 17, 2009 0

Darko Milicic is no longer activated for the Knicks. The #2 pick from the 2002 draft is taking his chips and heading home.

He told the NY Post, “Whatever happens, I’m going back next year. It’s 100-percent certain. I have to be real and not lie. I’m not going to get it done in the NBA. I’m not going to get another opportunity and there’s nothing wrong with going back to Europe.” But what he really meant to say was, “F*** all you stupid Americans, especially you  D’Antoni. I’ll f*** your mother in her <redacted>. If you have a daughter, I’ll f*** her too.” Oh wait, déjà vu

H/T @MattSuspect

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