Your Tax Dollars at Work

Justin December 9, 2009 0

Important work being done today by the House Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington.  They’ve approved legislation aimed at forcing college football to adopt a playoff system and get rid of the BCS.

Not the economy, not climate change, not tax policy. College football.


The effort is led by noted jackass and moron Joe Barton (R-Texas) but its not a solely partisan effort. The bill was nearly unanimously approved. Michigan democrat Bart Stupak, last seen trying to reverse 30 years of women’s rights, also gave the anti-BCS bill a thumbs up.

In fact, only one committee member managed to say the right thing today. That was John Barrow of Georgia:

“With all due respect, I really think we have more important things to spend our time on,”

Thank you, Representative Barrow. You are now the official House Energy and Commerce subcommittee member of SportsCracklePop.  If you live in Georgia’s 12th congressional district, please vote for this man.

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