Just Sign The Damned Autograph

Justin December 4, 2009 0

Why can’t athletes just smile at kids and sign their stupid names for them?

As if karma and being a good human being weren’t motivation enough, how about this story from the recently retired Brendan Shanahan, about a chance meeting with his boyhood idol?


As a kid, Shanahan asked Toronto Mapleleaf Rick Vaive for an autograph when he ran into him at an ice rink. Shanny did not get a very pleasant reaction. He eventually got his payback:

“Fast forward four years later and Rick Vaive is waiting for a meaningless faceoff in Buffalo,” Shanahan said. “He’s now playing for the Sabres. He’s lined up next to some 18-year-old kid from New Jersey. When the puck dropped, I attacked Rick Vaive.

“It was a quiet, uneventful game. He couldn’t believe the rage I had, not only in attacking him, but it took two (linesmen) to restrain me afterwards and throw me in the penalty box.”

Ha! Fuck you, Rick Vaive.

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