Cristiano Ronaldo does the Mike “The Situation” workout

King Ing December 4, 2009 0


If MTV’s the “Jersey Shore” isn’t the greatest reality show in TV history, someone please tell me what is. These guys are all characters with Mike “The Situation” being my favorite. He goes around showing anybody and everybody his abs. This guy must workout and do situps all day.

And today we find out that Cristiano Ronaldo subscribes to the same workout plan.

“Fitness freak Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed the secret to his toned body – he does 3,000 sit-ups a day.

A source said of the Real Madrid winger: “He can spend well over an hour every day toning his abs, sometimes while watching telly.”

This really isn’t all that interesting, but I really just wanted to work Mike “The Situation” into a post today.

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