Tiger Woods: The Modern Day Wilt Chamberlain

California Correspondent December 2, 2009 0


Ever since sitting in my college dorm room and watching Tiger Woods win the 1997 Masters, I always felt he had the most polished and manicured image. He came off as a nerdy Stanford golfer, and never did I think he’d be a womanizer. But maybe Dave Chappelle knew more about Tiger than we did.

In The Chappelle Show “Racial Draft“, the Asians traded Tiger to the Blacks. Well, in reality, Tiger has ditched the nerdy Asian stereotype (sorry King Ing) and can finally say “Fo Shizzle” without keeping up his dry and dull facade.

Tiger, you are the modern day Wilt Chamberlain, AKA Big Dipper, and for that, I now like you 100% better than before.

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