Sizemore’s Achilles Heel: Brittany Binger

tommy neumann December 1, 2009 0


99 problems and a bitch is one. Ever since Grady Sizemore started dating Playboy playmate Brittany Binger, his life has turned upside down. Last December, the Cleveland Indian began dating Miss June 2007 and we all envied his performance on and off the field. A three- time all- star, he was the toast of Cleveland, Ohio, but then his luck began to change…

Grady injured his groin in spring training, forcing him out of the World Baseball Classic. Injuries continued to plague him all season and he shut it down one month before the final game. We all thought maybe he wanted to spend some time with his girl as he elected to have two surgeries to repair his battered body. And now this controversy (don’t worry, we try not to post photos of nude men here).

It’s definitely time for Sizemore to find lady luck. Binger surely isn’t it.

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