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If your New Years party doesn’t play this song…

King Ing December 31, 2009 2

It sucks balls. Will Smith brings the new year in right! Happy New Year everyone

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John Kerry Protects Our Right to Watch Football on Fox

California Correspondent December 30, 2009 0

With the year 2010 just two days away, Americans with Time Warner Cable risk being unable to watch New Years Day football games on Fox. Basically Fox is trying to extract more $$ out

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Happy Birthday Lebron James and Tiger Woods

King Ing December 30, 2009 1

You learn something new everyday. Today I found out that Lebron James and Tiger Woods share a birthday. Now we wonder who will have a better 2010? -H/T Shoe Box Blog for the great

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It’s a Museum Without All That Pesky Knowledge

Justin December 29, 2009 1

The George W Bush Presidential library has released a list of some of the stuff it will have on display. Sports memorabilia is high on the list. The facility will feature a baseball bat

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Any Excuse To Play This Video

Justin December 29, 2009 2

For the Jets this weekend, it’s win and they’re in. But, if you know anything about Jets history, that probably means they’ll lose. Even if the Bengals play none of their regulars. I don’t

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Going to guess this wasn’t Tony Parker’s idea

King Ing December 29, 2009 2

On the bright side Tony Parker, you are married to Eva Longoria. The downside being she makes you and a couple of your teammates reenact “Summer Nights” from “Grease.” I have no idea how

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Be Safe This Holiday Season, Pick A Good Password

California Correspondent December 28, 2009 0

According to the list compiled by Twitter, professional sports teams are popular passwords used by us internet users. Top used passwords include the yankeess, redsox, and a bunch of other things you would be

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Randy Moss Tell’em!!!

King Ing December 28, 2009 1

You know things are good for the New England Patriots when Randy Moss has time to have a little fun with the fans during a game. Make that one fan in particular. A guy

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Sanders Claus is coming to town

King Ing December 28, 2009 0

What could possibly go wrong having Deion Sanders dress up as Santa Claus? It won’t be awkward at all to have Steve Mariucci sit on “Prime Time’s” lap. These kids won’t be terrified. Will

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This Year Was A Good Year

California Correspondent December 28, 2009 0

We had a lot of fun, drank a lot of beers, and thank you for reading SportsCracklePop religiously periodically throughout the year. Here is a list of our our seminal moments and highlights of

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