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Melky Milks it at Macys

California Correspondent November 10, 2009 0

I know where King Ing will be on Wednesday at 5pm. While he hates the Yanks, he loves Macys!

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Bros before ho’s doesn’t carry the same meaning anymore

King Ing November 10, 2009 0

Bros before ho’s doesn’t carry the same meaning anymore. At least to Shaq it doesn’t. If Young, Black, and Fabulous’ allegations are true, Gilbert Arenas owes someone a knee to the groin.

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What do you mean you don’t know Braylon Edwards?

King Ing November 9, 2009 0

Now we know how some of the New York Jets spent their bye week. Of course they were in Vegas trying to mingle with some real celebrities. Page Six tells us “Rihanna doesn’t take

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What happened to Sammy Sosa’s face?

King Ing November 9, 2009 1

Seriously, WTF happened? Sammy Sosa is like Michael Jackson 2.0!

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Jahvid Best is one tough S.O.B

King Ing November 9, 2009 3

Coming into the season I thought Jahvid Best was the best running back in the nation. It wasn’t just his speed that made him great, it was his toughness that surprised me more than

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Now The Fun Stuff

Justin November 6, 2009 0

One of the great things about living in New York is that sometimes you get home and there’s a homeless man peeing in the vestibule of your apartment building. Another great thing is that

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The Yankees celebrate the World Series with bottles and models

King Ing November 6, 2009 0

What does one do after winning a World Championship in the greatest city in the world? Go to Chili’s or Applebees? Of course not, you go to one of the New York’s hottest nightspots

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Did you hear? The Yankees won their 27th World Series

King Ing November 5, 2009 0

So many bad thoughts come to mind when I think about the New York Yankees winning another World Series. We will just leave it at that. Maybe Justin or California will supply you with

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This Was a Bad Omen

Justin November 5, 2009 0

Why was there a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey hanging on the wall behind Charlie Manuel during his postgame interview? Was it there the whole time? That might have had more to do with why

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Nick Swisher stars as the poon hunter

King Ing November 4, 2009 0

Move over Derek Jeter. There is a new heartthrob on the team and he roams the Yankee outfield. Gatecrasher reports: “A spy at Yankee hot spot Southern Hospitality tells us right fielder Nick Swisher

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