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Notre Dame Rudy would not approve this action

King Ing November 17, 2009 0

So what happens when some Navy fans head to Notre Dame to watch their team take on the Fighting Irish? They get the old heave-ho [One Great Season]. Maybe they should have talked to

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If you missed the Manny Pacquiao & Miguel Cotto fight

King Ing November 16, 2009 2

Here is the video. Manny Pacquiao put a beatdown on Miguel Cotto. Bring on Floyd Mayweather. This fight needs to happen. For the good of the sport get it done

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The Sunday night timeline for Bill Belichick

King Ing November 16, 2009 0

Was it actually the right call to go for it on 4th and 2 from your own 28? I keep going back and forth on that. But if you follow the Patriots like I

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Sports gambling is fun, but only when you win

King Ing November 16, 2009 0

Sports gambling is fun, but only when you win. Bad beats suck moose balls. Thanks Bill Belichick! [Don Chavez

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The Cunning Linguist

Justin November 14, 2009 2

Now that William Safire has died, it seems the responsibility for commenting on this nation’s usage of its unofficial “official” language falls to me. It’s a daunting endeavor, but one I embark on nonetheless.

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Against the Spread: 2009 NFL Week 10 Picks

King Ing November 14, 2009 0

Back with some pro pigskin picks for you guys. Check out my college picks here. There are no stats with these picks, just ramblin. Hopefully it continues to work for me (+19.8 units entering

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Against the Spread: 2009 College Football Week 11 Picks

King Ing November 13, 2009 0

After my first losing weekend I decided to take last week off. Not really, I was a little lazy to write up anything. So let me give you some banging winners for this Saturday.

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Dwyane Wade tells Anderson Varejao to move bitch

King Ing November 13, 2009 2

Get out the way! Does anyone in the NBA stop the ball anymore? It was one of the first things I learned when I played basketball in elementary school. Then again, if they did

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Broadway Joe is Michael Vick’s Hero

Justin November 12, 2009 1

Joe Namath is not good at owning dogs

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South Jersey Apparently Lacks for Smarties

Justin November 12, 2009 0

in 2008, voters in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district elected a Democrat. Apparently, many of them are now having second thoughts about that decision, because experts say Representative Jon Adler is in some trouble

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