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Against the Spread: 2009 College Football Week 12 Picks

King Ing November 20, 2009 0

My picks have gone cold. Ice cold! But like a degenerate I will continue to make wagers. Just going to try and keep the schedule light until I right the ship. Remember these picks

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Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes wins NL Cy Young

California Correspondent November 20, 2009 0

In a heated contest for the 2009 NL Cy Young award, Kate Hudson’s ex-husband and lead singer of the Black Crowes, Chris Robinson, was honored as the only professional musician to win the Cy

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Marv Albert tells 50 Cent to bring it bitch

tommy neumann November 20, 2009 1

50 Cent and his people must not watch the NBA on TNT. On Wednesday, the gangster rapper was the musical star on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show, sharing the stage with broadcaster Marv Albert. Backstage as the

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Can Lincecum repeat? The competition is tough.

California Correspondent November 19, 2009 0

Can Lincecum repeat for the NL Cy Young this year? We’ll find out in a few hours, but in the meantime, the competition is tight this year. Here are the key stats for the

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Carthwheel Goalie vs Thierry Henry Handball Goal

King Ing November 19, 2009 1

While everyone in the world is talking about the France v Ireland World Cup qualifying game; I would rather talk about the University of Hartford goalie that did cartwheels during a penalty shootout against

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Man, Rich People Get Everything

Justin November 18, 2009 0

Last week, LeBron talked about honoring Michael Jordan by retiring #23 league wide. Well, now, it seems “The King” is trying to follow in the footsteps of another Nike star of the 1980’s: Bo

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I wonder if the Arsenal FC dressed like this for Halloween

King Ing November 18, 2009 3

Arsenal can be a spectacle to watch play on the pitch. But off it, they might be even better. This Gunners team is young and fun. Take this for example. Theo Walcott, Cesc Fabregas,

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Caption This

King Ing November 18, 2009 0

Barret Jackman: “Not my face” Patrick Lalime: “Not my nuts&#

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I only wish Wrangler’s could look this good on me

King Ing November 17, 2009 0

Funny or Die makes up for their shiteous Tony Romo video with this spoof of Brett Favre’s Wrangler ad. I wonder if they shot this video in Gainesville, Florida? The place where jean shorts

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Beckham & Steven Gerrard invoke their inner Bird & Jordan

King Ing November 17, 2009 2

Adidas released a new commercial featuring Zinedine Zidane watching on as David Beckham and Steven Gerrard call out their shots. Accuracy is always key. This ad brings back memories of those awesome Larry Bird

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