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Bush Administration On The Wrong Side of Football Issues, Too

Justin November 24, 2009 1

Hey, remember how truthful and awesome the Bush Administration was? Don’t you wish there was that kind of honesty and straight forward truth telling by the people who will probably screw TCU  out of 

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Hey Konishi, Go Fukudome

tommy neumann November 24, 2009 0

Despite winning his second straight batting title and having a season for the ages, Joe Mauer still has haters. The Minnesota Twin fell one vote shy of becoming the first catcher to win the

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Alicia Sacramone now dating Brady Quinn

King Ing November 24, 2009 1

So it looks like Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone has moved from amateurs to the pros. She is no longer dating Brown University’s Eric Hunt, instead opting for the stellar good looks of one Brady

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The Only Way to Listen to Mike’d Up

tommy neumann November 23, 2009 0

A die-hard Yankee fan on the Mike’d Up WFAN/ YES program takes a break from weighing in on their free agent situation, to relax himself with a couple of bong hits. There’s no better way

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Iraqi Detainees Torture Packer Fans

tommy neumann November 23, 2009 2

Apparently, Viking fans aren’t the only ones taunting the people of Wisconsin over the resurgence of Brett Favre. In what seemed like harmless fun, a Wisconsin National Guard Unit charged with keeping watch over detainees

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Chad Ocho Cinco Condoms

King Ing November 23, 2009 0

If you follow Chad Johnson’s twitter page you realize this guy has way too much time on his hands. But then again if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to introduce the world to

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Devin Hester has a great ass

King Ing November 23, 2009 0

America was treated to a full moon Sunday night. Devin Hester might want to think about wearing something underneath his uniform. Video after the jump….the commentary is awesome

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KKK Rears their Ugly Head at Ole Miss

tommy neumann November 22, 2009 1

Having nothing better to do with their lives then dress up in silly costumes and intimidate people, the Ku Klux Klan decided to show up on Saturday at Ole Miss to protest the University’s

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Against the Spread: 2009 NFL Week 11 Picks

King Ing November 21, 2009 2

Let’s get this done. Bounce back week. My college picks are here and remember these are done only for recreational purposes. Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs 1PM The Steelers need a win to

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The Battle for Last: Knicks vs Nets

tommy neumann November 21, 2009 0

This should be a game for the ages. Today, the 2-9 Knicks take on the winless Nets in the Meadowlands, in a battle of two of the NBA’s worst teams. This game could end up

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