Bush Administration On The Wrong Side of Football Issues, Too

Justin November 24, 2009 1

PictureHey, remember how truthful and awesome the Bush Administration was?

Don’t you wish there was that kind of honesty and straight forward truth telling by the people who will probably screw TCU  out of  a spot in the championship game in favor of some major conference team with 2 losses?

Well, there is some great news on that front. The BCS has hired Ari Fleischer as their spokesman!

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  1. SwampCop November 25, 2009 at 4:35 pm -

    …yeah, about as open and transparent as the present admins associates with crazies and kooks, not to mention hiding and lying about their agenda and ramming it down a reluctant citizenry’s throughs behind closed doors at night….. sure, we all need more of THAT management in sports… what are YOU smoking….???

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