Alicia Sacramone now dating Brady Quinn

King Ing November 24, 2009 1


So it looks like Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone has moved from amateurs to the pros. She is no longer dating Brown University’s Eric Hunt, instead opting for the stellar good looks of one Brady Quinn. As she herself confirmed in an interview:

USA Gymnastics: I hear you’ve been attending a lot of Cleveland Browns football games lately. Can you talk about that?
Alicia: Yes, I have become a football fan. I was always a football fan but never into it too much until now. I’m dating Brady Quinn (the quarterback for Cleveland) so I travel to Cleveland on Sunday afternoons for home games.

USA Gymnastics: Has Brady visited you at the gym?
Alicia: No, but he said he’s excited to come to a gymnastics meet.

USA Gymnastics: How did you two meet?
Alicia: We met at a charity event through a mutual friend.

I guess no one is no trying to hide this relationship. Brady better be careful, he doesn’t want to end up like this guy.


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