KKK Rears their Ugly Head at Ole Miss

tommy neumann November 22, 2009 1


Having nothing better to do with their lives then dress up in silly costumes and intimidate people, the Ku Klux Klan decided to show up on Saturday at Ole Miss to protest the University’s decision to remove “From Dixie With Love” from the school band’s song list.

About a dozen worthless members of the Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan waved flags and issued nazi- style salutes, before the school’s upset victory over No.10 LSU. The song had drawn widespread criticism because fans ended the song by chanting ” The South will rise again.”

On a positive note, over 200 people showed up to peacefully protest the klan’s presence on campus. A combination of students, faculty, staff, and alumni were not afraid to come together and combat the hatred, turning their backs on the racists. This is just another example of how much America progresses as a nation, there will always be an underbelly who wants to return to us to the days of segregation.

The gathering of white supremacists is a step backward for a university such as Ole Miss, which is hoping to shed the racial-backwater image that has clung to it since it integrated in 1962. Back then, it took 120 federal marshals to contain violent riots that left two civilians dead and dozens injured. Despite the fact that African Americans now make up 14% of the students at the southern institution, a confederate soldier monument stands 100 yards from the statue saluting James Meredith, who led the 1962 integration at age 29.

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