Marv Albert tells 50 Cent to bring it bitch

tommy neumann November 20, 2009 1


50 Cent and his people must not watch the NBA on TNT. On Wednesday, the gangster rapper was the musical star on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show, sharing the stage with broadcaster Marv Albert. Backstage as the guests arrived, protectors for the hip- hop star failed to recognize the veteran announcer, resulting in a scuffle and a bruised ego.

“As Albert arrived, with an entourage of one, TNT public relations specialist Jeff Pomeroy, there was a sudden scuffle when a multitude of 50 Cent protectors seemed unfamiliar with Albert. There was shouting (“It’s Marv Albert,” yelled a Kimmel show guard, a pronouncement that seemed to have no effect on the 50 Cent phalanx.) There were obscenities. A fist or two flying. A “Don’t you put your hands on me” pronouncement.

And finally Albert made it to his waiting room, relatively unruffled but slightly puzzled. “Did you see that?” Albert said. “I thought they were kidding, but then I realized they weren’t.”

P.S. I am surprised Marv didn’t bite anyone! (King Ing)

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  1. King Ing November 20, 2009 at 9:19 am -

    50 was probably just mad that he couldn’t outsell Rick Ross

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