I Guess This Makes Sense

Justin November 3, 2009 0

Cole Hamels is not having a good time this World Series. His recent comments that he can’t wait until the season is over have rankled a number of teammates and fans. They say he’s acting like a punk, or worse yet, like a girl.

Well, there’s only one person in the Phillies clubhouse who knows how to deal with a whiny girl.

Brett Myers (l.) reportedly throws a verbal fastball at teammate Cole Hamels in the clubhouse after the Phillies' 8-6 victory over the Yankees that sends the series back to the Bronx.

Teammate Brett Myers reportedly walked by Hamels in the clubhouse after Philadelphia’s 8-6 victory in Game 5 on Monday night and blurted: “What are you doing here? I thought you quit,” Yahoo! Sports reported.

According to a witness cited in the report, Hamels replied with an expletive and the two were quickly separated.

But, hey, at least he’s a real man.

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