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Anticipation: The 2010 NBA Season

King Ing October 28, 2009 2

Watch as NBA players train hard for the new NBA season that tipped off last night. Calling the finals now: Lakers v Celtics!

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Yet Another Athlete in Trouble With The Law

Justin October 27, 2009 0

Admit it. You can’t watch the Lakers without thinking how disgusting it must be to rub up against Pau Gasol while he’s out there sweating through his neck beard. Well, it looks like all

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Andre Agassi Did Not Play Stephanie on Full House

Justin October 27, 2009 2

Here’s the latest entry from the surprising semi-celebrity meth head files: “Tennis legend Andre Agassi used crystal meth in 1997 and will describe the experience in his forthcoming autobiography, according to a publicist at

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Tom Brady to Burn in Hell

tommy neumann October 27, 2009 0

Tom Brady, superstar NFL quarterback, tops a list of professional athletes headed for the lake of fire. The Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina has released a list of players who are

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Alex Rodriguez feels like a 10 year old girl

King Ing October 27, 2009 2

Did you guys happen to see ARod’s postgame interview this past Sunday? Neither did I. But someone pointed out that Alex almost slipped up by saying he left like a 10 year old girl

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What is up with Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner?

King Ing October 27, 2009 0

Someone I know is not going to be happy about this! Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner (who knew Lautner was only 17) were spotted on a date at a Columbus Blue Jackets and Los

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Dear God, please don’t let the Yankees win

King Ing October 26, 2009 2

For the next week or 2 I will be a Philadelphia Phillies fan. For everything that is sacred in this world, please win the World Series. I hate the Yankees, but I think I

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Adrian Peterson and Terence Newman bring the pain

King Ing October 26, 2009 1

I don’t know what it feels like to get run over by a 6 ft 1 in, 220 lb man. But after seeing Adrian Peterson lower the shoulder and truck William Gay I am

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Against the Spread: 2009 NFL Week 7 Picks

King Ing October 23, 2009 0

Like usual my NFL picks have no stats. Just what I feel. Short and sweet. (For entertainment purposes only) Indianapolis Colts v St. Louis Rams 1PM What would this spread have to be for

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Agassi and Sampras Continue the Rivalry

tommy neumann October 23, 2009 1

On Sunday, two icons from my youth are set to rekindle their rivalry

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