The NFL’s Old Home Week

Justin October 28, 2009 0

Contrary to popular belief, Brett Favre isn’t the only person in NFL history who has ever returned to his former home stadium while playing for a new team. It just seems that way.

Are you surprised by this? Would you like some empiracal evidence? Ok, I’ve got some right here.

Below is a list of non-Favre based National Football League players who will play road games against their former employers this weekend:

1. Julius Jones: The Seahawks Running back will travel to Dallas, where he spent the first four years of his career. Jones ran for thousand yards once as a Cowboy, and passed 800 yards two other times.

2. Andre Davis: The Texans Tight End spent the 2006 season as a member of the Buffalo Bills. He started 1 game while playing in Upstate New York, ending his Bills career with 13 catches.

3. Tutan Davis: Same team, same last name, same former employer. The Texans Tackle was also a member of the 2006 Bills. He started 6 games that year.

4. James Hall: The current Ram will return to Detroit where he spent 7 years as a semi-standout defensive end, including a season with 11.5 sacks in 2004.

5. Paris Lenon: Another Ram who is headed back to Motown to face his former mates. The outside linebacker spent 3 years in Detroit.

6. Nick Griesen: The Linebacker is now a member of the Broncos. This Sunday he will travel to Baltimore, where he started 3 games in 2 seasons as a Raven.

7.J’Vonne Parker: Another current Bronco who moved (J’V)on after spending the 2007 season as a Raven. He appeared in a grand total of 1 game.

8. Jeff Feagles: The ageless Giants punter spent four years in Philly. He never should have left, because it’s fun to say “Jeff Feagles of the Eagles.” Seriously. Try it.

9. Jason Ferguson: Now he’s a Dolphin, but the defensive lineman used to be a Jet. He spent 8 years in New Jersey.

10. Michael Gaines: The Browns Tight End will be a very familiar face when he shows up at Soldier Field on Sunday. He played for the Bears a few weeks ago. Well, maybe not so familiar. He’s made absolutely no impact.

11. John St. Clair: The Tackle now starts for the Browns, after doing the same for the Bears last year.

12. Walt Harris: The ‘Niners CB spent two years as a starter in Indy.

13. Jeremy Cain: Now he’s the Jaguars long snapper. He used to be the Titans long snapper. I went to middle school with a kid named Jeremy Cain. He was a dick. I do not think it’s the same person.

14. Ryan Longwell: Yes, there’s another Viking who used to play for the Packers, and is now making a return to Lambeau. He was the Packers’ kicker for 9 years, before moving to Minnesota a few seasons back.

15. Josh McCown: He’s a backup QB on the Panthers and will travel to the desert this weekend, to face his former teammtes in Arizona. McCown started 22 games over 4 seasons with the Cardinals.

16.Keydrick Vincent: He is now a member of the Panthers offensive line, but was once a member of the mighty Cardinals. He even started one game in 2007.

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