Yet Another Athlete in Trouble With The Law

Justin October 27, 2009 0

Admit it. You can’t watch the Lakers without thinking how disgusting it must be to rub up against Pau Gasol while he’s out there sweating through his neck beard.

Well, it looks like all that shedding of DNA is about to get him into some trouble.  Not real trouble, mind you. It’s all MAKE BELIEVE!!!

Los Angeles Lakers star Pau Gasol is getting a chance to show off his acting moves on “CSI: Miami.”

CBS says Gasol will appear in the Nov. 16 episode of the crime drama, playing a person of interest in the investigation of a terrible car accident.

Pau was previously on the show “Numb3rs,” which cleverly replaces an “e” with a “3” in its title, because “3” is a number and that is the name of the show.

Should Laker fans be worried their team is somehow turning TOO Hollywood? Lamar Odom married that one chick whose sister fucked Brandy’s little brother. Ron Artest showed up on TMZ one day for no apparent reason.  Why can’t Phil Jackson make them focus on the Triangle!

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