Andre Agassi Did Not Play Stephanie on Full House

Justin October 27, 2009 2’s the latest entry from the surprising semi-celebrity meth head files:

Tennis legend Andre Agassi used crystal meth in 1997 and will describe the experience in his forthcoming autobiography, according to a publicist at Knopf, which is publishing the book on Nov. 9.”

Shocking? I’m not sure. Remember those jean shorts he used to wear when he  played? If they didn’t scream “white trash,” I don’t know what does.

For my money, Jodie Sweeten is still the most surprising former celebrity meth user.


  1. Hovi October 28, 2009 at 1:27 am -

    First he plays Sampras in Macau and then admits this. His projected book sales must really be hurting!

  2. bud collins October 28, 2009 at 5:56 pm -

    who the hell is jodie sweetin, shes about as relevant as corey haim. andre agassi is an international superstar, who transcended the game of tennis. his admission is being reported around the globe and is one of the biggest news stories on Yahoo.andre didnt write this book for money. between him and steffi graff, they have hundreds of millions of dollars. he wanted to show people that even millionaire professional athletes suffer from depression and have problems like everyone else. every celebrity is writing a book nowadays to tell their side of the story. the mainstream media likes to label people and now more than ever, most people want to tell their side of the story.

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