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Where do I sign up?

King Ing September 25, 2009 0

Life at MLJ sounds like fun. Who doesn’t love a place where vulgarity rules [Major League Jerk

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Justin September 24, 2009 0

Remember Pooh Richardson, the lovably nicknamed point guard for the Clippers and T’Wolves? Yeah… well.. here’s a story: former Philadelphia police officer is guilty of obstruction and lying to authorities for alerting former NBA

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Pretty sure you won’t see this on Friday Night Lights

King Ing September 24, 2009 1

Fox’s new show “Glee” has been getting great reviews. Even to the point where the network ordered another nine episodes after the pilot aired to 10 million viewers. I was not one of those,

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Ric Flair can make you rich bitch

King Ing September 24, 2009 3

North Carolina released a new scratch off lottery ticket featuring the one Ric Flair! It’s only fitting as “The Nature Boy” is from Charlotte. But what is the deal with these costing five dollars

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Luckily Jonathan Crompton was not there

King Ing September 24, 2009 0

It looks like the Tennessee Volunteers dance team likes to costume up their parties. And as usual nobody invited Jonathan Crompton [Uncoached

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Why the rush to get hitched?

King Ing September 23, 2009 0

What couple in the public eye has everyone been infatuated with over their upcoming nuptials? Blind Gossip thinks there are reasons beyond these two being madly in love. “Don’t believe the stories you hear

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The Picture of Patriotism

Justin September 22, 2009 0

Remember when Stephen Colbert brought a painting of himself to the National Portrait Gallery and got them to hang it near the bathroom. Well, this one may hang most appropriately  in one of the

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This female Detroit Lions fan was a two time loser on Sunday

King Ing September 22, 2009 3

It’s easier to just let the YouTube videographer tell the story. “The two girls in front of us were drunk before the game started. They grabbed one of our signs and trashed it (real

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Caption This

King Ing September 22, 2009 0

FC Sheriff Tiraspol’s Benjamin Balima has a sick head game

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Too soon to call The Manchester Derby the match of the year

King Ing September 21, 2009 0

Thanks to Tom Brady, I am refusing to focus on anything NFL related. Instead I turn my attention to the other futbol and what I am already calling the match of the year between

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