Body By Jared

Justin September 30, 2009 0

After missing a lot of last season with injury, the T’Wolves’ Al Jefferson decided to drop some weight.

So, he did like one of his favorite TV Stars, Jared Vogel.

The Timberwolves’ Al Jefferson, 6 feet 10, said he dropped 31 pounds — from 293 to 262 — in seven months simply by eating Subway sandwiches.

“Ham and turkey on wheat bread, footlongs; sometimes I eat two footlongs,” Jefferson said.

No, he said, he doesn’t have an endorsement deal with Subway.

“But I’m going to speak to my agent about the possibility,” he said.

Sounds like an excuse for me to eat 24 inches worth of sandwiches every day now. It’s a weight loss plan, damn it.

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