Apollo Creed Shaved His Dong

Justin September 26, 2009 0

Who else watched Michael Strahan’s debut as a Thespian?  What? Just me?  You didn’t sit home on a Friday night specifically to watch a former football star portray a former football star on an awkward Fox sitcom?

Here are some impressions:


– Why is the cast so good? CCH Pounder is a two time Emmy nominee. Carl Weathers is Apollo Freakin’ Creed. Even Daryl Mitchell was in the criminally underrated show, “Ed,” one of  the funniest and most original comedies of the last decade. Are they all desperate for a paycheck?

-Daryl “Chill” Mitchell is an actual paraplegic. He was injured in a motorcycle accident 8 years ago. So, all the paralysis jokes were a little creepy.

-Speaking of which, there was a joke where Apollo Creed found something in one of the “Chill’s” drawers, because it was near his porn.  Why does a paralyzed guy have porn? He has no feeling below his waist. Does he look at the pictures and then curse his limp dead penis? Or does he stroke his colostomy bag?

-I do not like any television program that involves Apollo Creed talking about shaving his wiener.  I wish Drago had actually killed him, so he wouldn’t have ended up in such a career ditch that he had to sign on to appear in a Friday night sitcom, which will probably be canceled within the month.

-All of that being said, Michael Strahan is a pretty decent actor. Yes, I know he’s essentially playing himself. But, he looks comfortable in front of the camera and seemed natural playing off of the other actors. He gets a thumbs up.

So, overall, I say, ehhhh. I won’t watch it again, but at least its better than that Tyler Perry shit. I don’t get that crap.  Black, white, whatever. It’s fucking horrible.

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