Justin September 24, 2009 0

Philadelphia, Sept. 22  -- Former Los Angeles Clippers point guard Pooh Richardson testified against an old friend, a Philadelphia police officer he said warned him about a drug raid.Remember Pooh Richardson, the lovably nicknamed point guard for the Clippers and T’Wolves? Yeah… well.. here’s a story:

former Philadelphia police officer is guilty of obstruction and lying to authorities for alerting former NBA player Jerome “Pooh” Richardson to an imminent drug raid. A jury convicted Rickie Durham of warning Richardson about the August 2005 raid in a 3 a.m. phone call.

Richardson called a half-sister and told her to leave the New Jersey house she shared with drug kingpin Alton Coles. The couple was nonetheless arrested hours later.

There’s a joke about assists in there, feel free to come up with it yourself

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