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Who wants to see Shaq in a pink Speedo?

King Ing August 6, 2009 1

It looks like ABC has entrusted Shaquille O’Neal with another show. This time instead of him getting overweight kids in shape he chooses to battle professional athletes at their respective sports. Shaq will take

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This Is Some Elroy Jetson Shit

Justin August 6, 2009 3

So, I’m writing this post from my new iPhone. I’m not sure when this technology will come in handy, maybe liveblogs from the scenes of events or things like that. Either way, it’s pretty

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Guillermo Mota Does Not Play Well With Others

Justin August 5, 2009 1

You know what this latest incident, involving Dodgers reliever Guillermo Mota and the Brewers Prince Fielder reminds me of

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Wacky Morning DJ Discusses Football

Justin August 5, 2009 0

Did you know that WFAN morning show personality Norman Esiason was once an NFL Quarterback for historically dominant franchises in Cincinnatti, Arizona and New York? Well, this “Boomer” (who clearly stole his nickname from

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A: Who are Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo and John Mayer

King Ing August 5, 2009 0

I was just thinking to myself, it has been a while since I have seen a blind item that had anything to do with sports. But Buzzfoto has come to the rescue with one

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Baseball Fantasy Camp with Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard

King Ing August 5, 2009 0

How much does it cost to attend this fantasy baseball camp with Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins? It involves everything I love. Eating, karaoke, and movies!

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Bosom Buddies staring A-Rod and Derek Jeter

King Ing August 5, 2009 2

As most of us have known, Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are not the best of friends. They barely even acknowledge each other off the field. Page Six tells us: “Both ended up at

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Delonte West loves himself some KFC

King Ing August 4, 2009 1

What does a NBA player do when he has to wait 18 minutes for his order of KFC? If you are Delonte West you sit in your car with a friend and freestyle rap

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James Harrison is both smart and efficient

King Ing August 4, 2009 3

Whenever I usually see a big man in a little car I always then to chuckle. But when that big man is James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers that laughter turns to fear. Look

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Happy Birthday Tom Brady

King Ing August 3, 2009 0

THE KING IS BACK! The rest of the NFL better take notice. It is time to bring the title back to New England. Tom Brady to Randy Moss…get used to it

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