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My new nickname for Brett Favre…Mr Pump Fake

King Ing August 19, 2009 4

Did you guys hear the news? Brett Favre is coming out of retirement again to play for the Minnesota Vikings! This man can not make up his mind. And for that I am giving

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Forget Erin Andrews, it is all about Tim Tebow in GQ

King Ing August 18, 2009 3

While everyone is going crazy over the muddy Erin Andrews pictorial with the Columbia University football team, I would rather focus on the Tim Tebow pictures in the same GQ Magazine. Who cares about

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Just in time: The 2009 NFL Fantasy Files

King Ing August 18, 2009 2

With fantasy football drafts right around the corner, the NFL and Reebok again have teamed up and created the NFL Fantasy Files. This years viral videos feature Darren Sproles, Santonio Holmes, Joe Flacco, Maurice

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Usain Bolt’s World Record 9.58 100m was beastly

King Ing August 17, 2009 2

The Olympic gold medalist left any doubt as to who the fastest man in the world is. Usain Bolt ran the 100 meters in a sickening 9.58 seconds besting the second place finisher Tyson

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And you thought what the Cubs fan did to Victorino was bad

King Ing August 13, 2009 0

Everyone is up in arms over the Chicago Cubs fan throwing a full beer on Shane Victorino of the Phillies during a routine flyball to center in last nights game. But let me tell

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Hell Hath No Fury Like a SS Scorned

Justin August 13, 2009 2

The Derek Jeter hates Arod story has taken another exciting turn. Now, it turns out Derek Jeter’s Hollywood girlfriend hates A-rod’s Hollywood girlfriend. According to Page Six

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Chile Please: First Impressions of Hard Knocks ’09

Justin August 12, 2009 2

HBO has aired episode 1 of its continually amazing training camp series, “Hard Knocks,” focusing this season on the Cincinnati Bengals. And after 1 hour, here’s some impressions

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Marbury, No Longer a Celtic, Still A Fan of The Green

Justin August 12, 2009 1

Here’s everyone’s favorite head-tattoo having, 24 hour videostreaming, unemployed NBA Point Guard pre-treating a future case of glaucoma. Is that the same SUV from the intern incident? It’s truly a party on wheels

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Jersey Rules

Justin August 12, 2009 3

This is not a declaration about the relative merits of my home state, nor is it a list of the guidelines members of the mafia follow in order to avoid being brutally murdered with

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Kate Hudson wants to be Alex Rodriguez’s baby momma

King Ing August 12, 2009 2

Ever since Alex Rodriguez started dating Kate Hudson the Yankees have been on fire. As a Red Sox fan I need some news to change that. Hopefully what InTouch says about Kate Hudson is

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