When Your Luck Goes Bad, It Goes Really Bad

Justin August 28, 2009 0

You thought an unassisted TRIPLE play was bad?  Check this out:

In a sudden end to a trying year, the Mets’ Jeff Francoeur lined into a rare centuple play against the Florida Marlins Wednesday, which by rule cut New York’s season short. “I hit it on the screws, but it just happened to be in a spot where they could turn a hundred,” said Francoeur, who watched helplessly as Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla tagged everyone in the Mets dugout before heading into the clubhouse and tagging both equipment manager Charlie Samuels and physical therapist John Zajac.


Yes, it’s from the Onion. But, you wouldn’t be totally shocked if this really happened, would you?  And it would probably bring some much needed relief to Mets fans.

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