2009-2010 Updated Super Bowl Odds

King Ing August 24, 2009 1


Earlier in the year we looked at the 2009-2010 Over/Under for each NFL team. So with a little under three weeks to go to the start of the NFL regular season I thought it would be a good time to look at the current Super Bowl odds. It was such a good idea in fact Michael Lombardi over at the National Football Post beat me to it.

Anyway, here are a couple teams that look like a great value. First, the Chicago Bears at 16/1. Adding a Jay Cutler to a team that already has a running game and a stout defense can be outright scary. Especially in the weaker NFC. I guess the same can be said for a Vikings team now that they have Brett Favre.

The two teams from Pennsylvania are also intriguing. The defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers (7.5 to 1) basically bring back the same roster that won the Super Bowl last year. While the Philadelphia Eagles added the likes of Jeremy Maclin and Lesean McCoy to an already powerful offense.

There is actually pretty good value all over the board, except for the New England Patriots at 4/1. I thought a couple weeks ago I saw them at 8/1, but maybe that was just a figment of my imagination.

What teams do you guys think offer incredible value in winning the 2009-2010 Super Bowl?

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