The Steelers Try Out a New Shotgun Formation

Justin August 12, 2009 0

TMZ has this 2006 shot of 14 members of the Steelers having a “gun party.”  I’ll say it. Guns scare me.

 Pittsburgh Steelers Targeted Over Gun Party

Who are the old ladies?

and before any internet gun nuts comment on this post, calling me a crazy liberal who wants to limit your personal freedoms, read this quote:

“The photos show generally unsafe gun-handling techniques,” said Paul Raynolds, a chief range-safety officer from North Jersey. “The players look to be poorly supervised. Basic firearm-safety rules are not being followed.”

One “sacrosanct” gun-safety rule ignored in the photos is the safe-direction rule, Raynolds said.

“It doesn’t matter if a gun is loaded or not; all guns are to be treated as if they’re loaded at all times. So whenever you’re handling a gun, it should always be pointed in a safe direction – unless you are getting ready to shoot somebody,” Raynolds said.

“Here,” he added, referring to the group portrait, “you have [a player] pointing this straight at his [another player’s] skull. [Other players] are pointing the gun directly at the other guy and the cameraman. That’s just negligent beyond belief.”

That’s a guy from the NRA.

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