A: Who are Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo and John Mayer

King Ing August 5, 2009 0


I was just thinking to myself, it has been a while since I have seen a blind item that had anything to do with sports. But Buzzfoto has come to the rescue with one that could be sports related.

“Okay, so this couple was together for a long time (In Hollyweird years), and even though there are rumors that they split because he cheated, we hear he was a super jealous boyfriend, especially when it came to past flames of our starlet. Now that he’s kicked her to the curb, we hear that one of our starlet’s old flames has agreed to do a few rumored hook-ups to help give a little payback to the cheating ex. Even though he dumped her, the cheating beau was particularly seething jealous over this other ex and seeing the two hook back up, is going to drive him crazy. Oh sweet revenge.”

“Not Kim Kardashian”

This sounds oddly familiar. What other famous Hollywood-football couple just called it quits due to the quarterback’s supposed cheating ways? And what starlet has plenty of famous ex’s that said NFL star was jealous of?

Again this is just speculation, but Tony Romo did send Jessica Simpson packing a day before her birthday. Then within hours rumors surfaced of the Cowboys QB dating Natalie Smith. Now suddenly over the weekend people were talking about Jess and John Mayer hooking up at Katsuya. People, I don’t spend my waking hours reading celebrity gossip for nothing.

Forget everyone else, when you need someone to solve blind gossip items come to the King.

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