Makin’ Us Proud: San Francisco Homeless Win National Championship

California Correspondent August 3, 2009 0


Initially I was shocked to find that there is actually such a thing as a Homeless Person Soccer Tournament, but then when I heard that San Francisco won the title today, it all started making sense. If you’ve ever visited San Francisco, you know they have a ton of homeless people and great weather that lets their homeless practice year round.

The finals were held in downtown DC today, and San Francisco beat Minneapolis, the defending champ. But this got me wondering, do they stay on the street when they play out of town?

Anyway, what’s really wild is that the top US homeless players will be playing in the Homeless World Cup, taking place in Milan later this year. That means some San Francisco homeless people will be representing all of us Americans. I’m especially proud to be sending one of my own from San Francisco.


Perhaps the most famous homeless person in San Francisco is called the “Bush Man” because he hides behind a bush a scares people the hell out of people as they walk by. I think he would be a great addition to our homeless soccer squad. He doesn’t poop on the street like some of the San Francisco homeless, and he has talent and skill. Check him out in the documentary below.

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