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Torre Touches on a Ton of Topics

Justin July 7, 2009 0

Joe Torre is back home in New York tonight. His best in baseball LA Dodgers kick off a series against the Mets at Citifield. He’s been at the epicenter of most baseball controversies over

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Abigail Clancy makes it hot in Sardinia and Ibiza

King Ing July 7, 2009 4

Peter Crouch is enjoying his time off before the EPL season starts up in a couple weeks by taking his longtime girlfriend, Abby Clancy on an exotic holiday. BTW, you won’t find the lanky

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Lebron James and Jay-Z continue their bromance

King Ing July 7, 2009 0

It looks like the courtship of Lebron James by Jay-Z is ongoing. This time the two heavyweights in their respective occupations spent a great deal of time together in Las Vegas. It seems early

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Nike congratulates Roger Federer’s 15

King Ing July 6, 2009 0

In just a great match that had an astounding 30 games in the 5th set, Roger Federer broke Andy Roddick’s serve to win his 15th major title. And in doing so allowed Nike to

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Saturday’s Soundtrack: Bicycle Race and Fat-Bottomed Girls

California Correspondent July 3, 2009 1

The two biggest sporting events we’re looking forward to tomorrow are the first stage of the Tour de France and the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest (unless you consider a William’s sisters Wimbledon

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Crisitano Ronaldo knows how to treat his fans

King Ing July 2, 2009 2

Fresh off his hook up with Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo returned back to Portugal to spend time with his family. As they were headed out something fairly intriguing happened as a young “fan” was

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Maybe Those Front Row Seats Aren’t Such a Great Idea

Justin July 1, 2009 1

A judge has cleared the way for Jeremy Mayfield to return to the track this weekend, despite the fact that he may or may not be a methhead. I’ve never been to a Nascar

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The Economy Finally Hits Home; Tiger is a Little Less Rich

Justin July 1, 2009 0

Sports Illustrated is out with its annual 50 richest athletes list, and just like you, those included are suffering greatly in these tough economic times. In fact, the average listee earned $1.5 million dollars

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Caption This

King Ing July 1, 2009 3

Karim Garcia is using his X-Ray vision on this Korean batgirl

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Frank Lampard is living the life in Las Vegas

King Ing July 1, 2009 0

Frank Lampard is taking every chance to enjoy himself before the start of the new soccer season in six weeks. By that I mean he is doing what I want to be doing by

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