Douche King Speaks!

Justin July 31, 2009 4

Last night, ESPN had Jeremy Schaap do a video journal piece to sum up the Ortiz/Manny steroid list story. At one point, Schaap referred to Papi and Ramirez as the main reason the Red Sox won two World Series titles. At that moment, I thought of Curt Schilling, sitting in his douchebag castle, watching the same program and frowning. Not because two of his former teammates were dealing with a difficult time, or because the sport that made him a millionaire many times over was once again coming face to face with the issue that continually threatens to destroy it.

No, I imagined Curt Schilling getting all worked up because Schaap dared to say that it was the two power hitters who were the main cog in Boston’s championship equation, and not him. Because as we know, Curt Schilling is all about Curt Schilling.

Along those same lines, Deadspin sums up Schilling’s interview with himself on the topic. He takes a shot at Bill Clinton (very timely, you dumb fuck. Why not just question Barack Obama’s birth certificate while you’re at it? GOD I HATE YOU!) He also discusses the impact on the children (speaking of impact on children, why do you raise your skin cancer-prone children in the Arizona desert, then force them to play outside at night like molepeople? YOU ARE THE WORST AMERICAN!)


  1. bshrek July 31, 2009 at 1:31 pm -

    Can we also mention how he promised his cancer striken wife that he’d stop dipping, and he did, for 2 months!! and went back to it b/c he couldnt handle it!! good thing his wife was able to handle Chemo you dumb prick. oh yeah, i hate him too

  2. # 23 August 1, 2009 at 5:58 am -

    how much better off would america be if schilling, bill o reilly, glenn beck, and rush limbaugh all bite the dust.doucebags.schilling is a few months from obscurity

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