Pitching Coach or Drunken Uncle?

Justin July 29, 2009 0

It’s the newest game to hit the internet: Pitching Coach or drunken uncle?


We give you a circumstance, and you guess whether the person in question is the pitching coach for a major league baseball team or an embarrassing relative who acts out at family occassions.

Ready?  Here we go:

Knapp had eaten at the start of the flight a chicken sandwich, some chicken salad, fruit, and he drank one vodka and orange juice. He also took one dose of Tamiflu

Knapp awoke two hours later and was severely nauseated. He headed for the aircraft’s rest room and collapsed.

What’s your guess?

Nope. It’s a pitching coach. Rick Knapp from  the Detroit Tigers, who couldn’t lay off the sauce, even though he had taken a pretty strong medication just a few moments earlier.

But, like a drunken uncle, he did end up making the people around him uncomfortable… and even made some of them cry.

Some players were in tears as shock and dread washed across a traveling party of about 40 people.

For the record, Knapp is fine.  And he’s apparently learned a valuable lesson.

“I reached for the doorknob, saw the light to the bathroom, and the next thing I knew Kevin (Rand) was beating me on the face trying to wake me up,” Knapp said. “I was just fine sleeping. But when I woke up I wanted to get to the bathroom quickly.

“I tried to throw up — and I guess I threw down.”

That’s right, coach, sleep it off.

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