Tony Romo ditched Jessica Simpson at an IHOP

King Ing July 24, 2009 3


According to The National Enquirer (print Aug 3), Tony Romo left Jessica Simpson stranded at my favorite chained breakfast restaurant just weeks before their eventual breakup.

“Tony Romo was looking for just the right moment to finally kick Jessica Simpson out of his life – and he found it an International House of Pancakes in the middle of Texas!

[During a three-hour car ride]… tensions between the two reached a boiling point.

“They’d argued a lot over the past several months. This time, Tony barely said a word,” said an insider.

“He suddenly pulled into the parking lot of an IHOP and growled ‘get out.’ Jess got out and slammed the door. Before she could say anything, Tony peeled off. She ended crying her eyes out for the next two hours while she waited for someone to come pick her up.”

“If she didn’t realize it before, she finally got the message that Tony had reached his limit.”

[Tony] had fet obligated for months to keep the floundering romance going because Jessica had given him a $100,000 speedboat for his birthday.

But the night before her birthday, Tony checked her cell phone a found secret text messages from John Mayer. She and Mayer had reconnected at a June birthday party for Pete Wentz.

Tony was upset, “but relieved that he’d finally found the reason to be rid of her,” said the source.

“Now he’s writing a check for $100,000 to cover the cost of the speedboat gift and washing his hands of the whole mess.”

That is rough. I just don’t know whether I believe Romo would leave a girl stranded at a random IHOP for a couple hours. Who does something like that?


  1. Anonymous July 29, 2009 at 5:35 pm -

    Good job Tony

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