First Rule of Mets Club: Don’t Talk About Mets Club

Justin July 22, 2009 1

The Mets are an unmitigated disaster. There’s really no reason to re-hash the ongoing joke of a season currently playing out at Citifield.

But, apparently the rot has spread deeper into the organization. According to the Daily News, team exec Tony Bernazard went into the clubhouse of the organization’s double A affiliate in Binghamton looking for a fight.

Tony Bernazard particularly went after middle infield prospect Jose Coronado, using a slang term associated with a woman’s anatomy, a source indicated. The confrontation happened about 10days before the All-Star break, according to insiders.

Do you think he called him a hooter? Perhaps a gazonga? Why won’t the Daily News show some balls and print the actual word. They’re such pussies. (wait a minute…)

Another key detail is the fact that Bernazard removed his shirt before getting involved in any fisticuffs. Now, I am not much of a pugilest. In fact, I have never been in an actual fight, so forgive me if I’m missing something obvious, but why does he need to be barechested for this rumble with a man less than half his age. Is he concerned that the young man will pull his shirt over his head, like in a hockey fight? Or is he such a fashionplate that he doesn’t want to ruin a fancy man blouse?


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  1. jacks smirking revenge July 22, 2009 at 5:52 pm -

    i dont know whats funnier the post are whats happening in flushing.the mets and their fans are the biggest losers who are insecure and take it out on yankee fans and their tradition of excellence.everybody is taking fight club way too serious these days.fight clubs in central park and how about the the 17 yr old in manhattan blowing up starbucks!

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