Tony Romo hooks up with 43 year old Michelle Johnson

King Ing July 21, 2009 2


A day after breaking up with Jessica Simpson, X17 reports Tony Romo was out in LA and ended the night hooking up with Michelle Johnson.

“According to multiple internet reports, on Jessica’s birthday, Tony ended up shacking up with 43-year-old actress Michelle Johnson, and on Saturday night, we snapped Michelle at the Sunset Marquis hotel, where Tony is staying!!!”

Slash Online News adds:

“Tony and Michelle hooked up after the sports star turned up to a party she threw in L.A’s Sunset Marquis hotel. A source said: “From the moment he got there he was all over her. They were kissing and she sat on his lap.”

I don’t know what to think of this? It seems as if Tony Romo went straight for the rebound girl. Wait until Jess hears about this.


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