Big Ben is accused of sexual assault

King Ing July 21, 2009 0


Andrea McNulty has accused Ben Roethlisberger of sexually assaulting her on July 11, 2008. As PFT graphically explains:

“She claims that, as she tried to leave the room, Roethlisberger blocked her path, and that he “grabbed [her] and started to kiss her.”

She claims that she was “shocked and stunned that this previously friendly man, that appeared to be a gentleman in her previous contacts with him was suddenly preventing her from leaving, was assaulting and battering her.”

McNulty admits that she didn’t try to fight Roethlisberger, citing his size and strength. She claims that she “communicated her objection and lack of consent,” and that he nevertheless began “fondling [her] through her dress and between her legs.”

She claims that he pushed her onto the bed, and despite her alleged protests he “pulled her underpants off and proceeded to penetrate her.”

McNulty claims that she told him, “You don’t want to do this.” She also claims that she said, “Please don’t,” and that she told him she was not on any type of birth control.

She claims that he said in response, “Don’t worry, I’ll pull out,” which he ultimately did.”

Remember these are just allegations and nothing has been proved truthful yet. Since I don’t like anyone other than Tom Brady, I will let friend and Steelers fan Cotter over at OFTOT breakdown the rest of the situation for us.

For more pictures of Andrea McNulty we turn to the new newsbreakers TMZ.

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