As Albany Burns, The Governor Welcomes Donuts

Justin July 10, 2009 0

Many years ago, former Maple leaf and Ranger Tim Horton opened some donut shops in Canada. Then he died.

Many years later, the chain, by this time the largest in Canada,  decided to expand into New York.

That’s cool. We like donuts here.

What we may not like, though, is the fact that our elected officials have decided to turn the opening of a new donut shop into a major political event, especially considering what has been going on lately in this state. David Paterson, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, and city councilman John Liu will be attending a ribbon cutting for the opening of the new Tim Horton’s on Monday morning.  You would think three elected officials would have more important things to do on a Monday morning.

For instance, Governor Paterson, clearly as blind to public sentiment as he is to.. well… colors, shapes, et al, might be more useful in Albany. That’s where the State Senate is just now getting back to work after spending a month doing nothing, as they tried to work out leadership issues in the most juvenile way possible.

Or maybe he would like to go to Long Island, where a judge will decide whether or not he violated the State Constitution (should that be capitalized?) by naming a Lieutenant Governor, even though neither he or his new number 2 were elected to their posts.

Or maybe he should be in his office, you know, governing.

Any of those would be a better choice than at a friggin’ donut shop named after a dead hockey player who no one remembers.

That being said, I’m pretty excited about trying some Tim Horton’s coffee with a chocolate cruller. That sounds delicious.

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