Lebron James and Jay-Z continue their bromance

King Ing July 7, 2009 0


It looks like the courtship of Lebron James by Jay-Z is ongoing. This time the two heavyweights in their respective occupations spent a great deal of time together in Las Vegas.

It seems early on Friday “Hova”, downed tequila shots with NBA pals LeBron James and Amare Stoudemire at Lavo in Las Vegas and kept a protective eye on his protégé, Rihanna.”

Great that Stat came along to play, but what I would rather have “witnessed” would be what happened later on in the evening.

“Rihanna, in a rare public appearance since her beating by then-boyfriend Chris Brown, seen dancing throughout Jay-Z’s concert Friday at The Pearl (Palms). NBA superstar LeBron James went on stage late in the show and sang along.”

And by that I meant Riri’s dancing. I could care less about LBJ rhyming along to the beat.

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