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We didn’t buy a championship, you did!

King Ing June 22, 2009 2

I thought yesterday was Fathers Day, not Make Your Young Daughter Cry Day. Well that is what this one Yankees fan did when he got into a brawl for it all with a Marlins

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Caption This

King Ing June 22, 2009 38

Sidney Crosby finds a new cuddle buddy in the Stanley Cup

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HBO: Hypocritical Box Office

Justin June 21, 2009 0

Bob Raissman brings us more details on the outrage being felt throughout the offices of HBO sports. Headman Ross Greenburg didn’t want Artie Lange to appear on Joe Buck’s show, because he thought it

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Cristiano Ronaldo needs to stay far away from Paris

King Ing June 19, 2009 3

Hilton that is. She is like a vulture and wants in on the Cristiano Ronaldo fame train. As News of the World reports: “She brazenly pursued her goal of scoring with the footballer by

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Jeremy Roenick is still funnier than Dane Cook

King Ing June 19, 2009 0

Nice attempt at comedy Jeremy. It would have been funnier if you didn’t say anything. Stick to pucks, not prompters. -H/T

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Italy Beaten By Homos

Justin June 19, 2009 0

Mohamed Homos scored the game’s only goal, leading Egypt to a shocking upset of Italy in the Confederations Cup. What did you think I meant

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The Softball Guy Chronicles, Vol. 2

King Ing June 18, 2009 0

I love this guy. Although I still don’t know how he “mashes” the ball. TSG has less muscle tone than Brian Scalabrine

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Lamar Odom hooks the Lakers up with some Crown Royal XR

King Ing June 18, 2009 3

Forget about watches and vacations, premium alcohol is the new thing that everyone is gifting. Fansided tells us about Lamar Odom giving his fellow Laker teammates and coaches a custom embroidered bag and a

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Favre to the Redskins

King Ing June 18, 2009 0

Brett Favre to the Redskins!!! Did you also hear Plaxico Burress to the Patriots. Mike and Mike were talking about that this morning. [Mister Irrelevant

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And Then There’s This

Justin June 17, 2009 2

A few weeks ago, we caught up with former Yankee Kevin Maas, who is doing very well for himself in his post-baseball life. Well, today, we catch up with Maas’s former teammate, Mel Hall,

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